Runtime Battery Systems is a battery sales, maintenance and service organization.


Here at Runtime Battery we can supply you with what is required for reliable and safe stationary industrial and emergency backup battery installations. In our front range warehouse we stock the largest selection of VRLA replacement batteries for UPS and industrial power backup systems in the Rocky Mountain West. If you are in Denver or the front range you can also arrange for pickup at our warehouse.


We offer 24 hour support services for all your back up battery requirements.

We can supply, deliver remove and replace UPS batteries for all uninterruptible power supplies (UPS systems), emergency lighting inverters, 48 volt telecom plants, and all life safety systems. We can also provide deep cycle storage batteries for photo voltaic and wind generated systems. Although we concentrate on the battery requirements of the UPS industry we can provide specialty batteries to start your stationary engine, emergency generator set, power your golf cart or even start your airplane.

Runtime Battery company represents the finest battery manufacturers and can cover any application. With batteries from C&D and the Liberty series, Fiamm, Deka, Enersys Data Safe and Odyssey line, we can cover any application.

 We offer complete battery  recycling  services. We can provide you with compliance verification documentation as required. We can arrange for pickup of your spent batteries or the demolition and removal of a obsolete battery system.


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