Runtime Battery Systems can provide you with the following services

  • Direct replacement batteries for Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS Systems), lighting inverters, life safety equipment, generator starting batteries and switchgear batteries

  • Emergency UPS battery replacement 24/7

  • Removal, replacement and installation of any type battery plant used in your UPS or industrial emergency power backup systems

  • UPS battery systems testing and preventative maintenance services. We can test maintain and service any type of battery system that contain VRLA, AGM, Gel, NiCads or wet cells.
  • 24/7 emergency battery services including delivery, maintenance and installation. Same day delivery service to Denver and the front range of Colorado as well as to our neighbors in Wyoming.
  • Nationwide emergency battery shipping services, overnight in many cases

  • SOS "spares on site" program, we can equip your facility so that you will always have fully charged spares for your UPS or any component in your critcal power infastructure

  • Custom battery cables manufactured to your specifications

  • Battery spill containment solutions (including emergency site cleanup), battery spill kits, showers and eyewash stations 

  • Battery testing equipment, monitoring systems, low and hi voltage battery chargers

  • Battery and DC plant engineering services, runtime calculations and DC system design

  • Battery failure analysys and testing

  • Training in the maintenance and care of DC powerplants, educational seminars and workshops

  • Full line of battery cabinets and racks including a large supply of used products

       •  Complete battery recycling services including pickup


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