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We can cover virtually any industrial storage battery requirement. If you require  replacement UPS batteries which would best utilize a VRLA battery (valve regulated lead acid) in an AGM (absorbed glass mat) technology we can help.  Perhaps you have a need for a battery that will withstand severe temperature variations. If so an GEL (gelled electrolyte)  battery would be the best choice. If wet cells (flooded jars) are what you require we can supply for your needs.

If you require the utmost in reliability to start your vehicle then the Odyssey line is for you. For first responder vehicles there is no finer battery made.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your particular battery requirements. We desire to assist you in making the most cost effective and correct application decision in your battery purchase.

 Runtime Battery Systems is based in the metro Denver area. We warehouse UPS batteries in our Denver facility. We are a regional distributor for the states of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, New Mexico and Idaho for the following companies:







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